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Abraar Online Academy lessons are taught at SKYPE, to download the SKYPE Application Click The Button Below. Once you have downloaded the SKYPE App, search for it in the Search section of the school address and type in the Email below.


Or just click this link and it will take you directly to your Abraar School Skype Account.


You can also take the lessons on VIBER:

To download the Viber Application, click the button below

When you download VIBER, call us at:

+ 252 63 3997590

Contact number:

Switzerland: WhatsApp/Call: +41 44 586 72 19


Read the Quran here

Asc Dear Students, Here are two websites where you can read the Holy Quran while you are preparing Quran lessons.

And they will really help you to easily prepare the Qur’an, To get in, just click on the link below.

Allah’s Word:

House of Quran: